EURO SIZE Feather Pillow – Feather/Down Mix Fill


If you are looking for another fill apart from our luxury down pillows, you can also always count on our feather pillows. Our feather pillows are quills that also provide good support.

Euro Size (26″x26″) – Feather Pillow $64

SKU: Euro-FeatPill



Down pillows are softer materials that come from the underbelly of geese, the feather pillows are composed of the outer quills of birds. While both inserts provide great support, the down inserts are considered the industry’s most luxurious material for comfort.


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About Down

Down vs Feather
While feathers refer to the outer quills, down lies beneath this protective covering usually in the underbelly of a bird and is light, fluffy with airy fibers that are soft or malleable for support.

siberian goose downSiberian Down
Siberian goose down is considered the finest goose down available. It is harvested from mature geese raised in very cold climates. The strong full clusters give the most fill power, 800+, and will last the longest. When this down is put into the lightest of cases, it will create an almost weightless cloud of luxury!

hungarian downHungarian Down
Hungarian goose down is a large cluster of down harvested from geese in cold climates. This strong large cluster, with 650+ fill power, is loftier without more weight.

white goose downWhite Goose Down
White goose down is a by-product from geese used for food. It is a smaller and more tender cluster of down. We use only the highest quality, 550-fill power white goose down that has been washed and tested.

Feathers have quills. Since the quills will give support, feathers are used mostly for featherbeds and larger 26" x 26" euro reading decorative pillows.


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