Susan, I’ve been a fan of yours for years but also of your down duvets, the first of which I bought 26 years ago— think of it! 26 years of luxurious, irresistible sleep on the coldest nights— and a down “blanket” all the other unpredictable New Jersey nights. London embraces you, we ALL do– no need for “sleep labs” if you know ” Down to Basics” and Susan!!!

-Meredyth Armitage, happy customer

I cannot tell you how much our patients continually adore the pillow and sham you provide to us. Susan, your pillows are one of our greatest amenities. 

-Nationally recognized hospital in Palo Alto, CA

Thank you so much for the beautiful travel pillow. i leave tomorrow for 3 months in Zambia, so the timing could not have been more perfect. I am very appreciative.

-Paul Osteen, M.D. Lakewood Church

Thank you for the beautiful crib down comforter for my son. I didn’t expect it to be as luxuriously fluffy as it is! My son was diving into the comforter and cuddling up into it, at the same time making cooing exclamations.

-June Adcox

We just spent the most luxurious weekend at the Charles Hotel in Boston, MA on your featherbeds and pillows. The featherbeds were amazing and I was able to find out what kind it was. But the options on the pillows are too numerous. Can you please share who supplied the pillows? They were absolutely WONDERFUL!!

– Stephanie P. customer from the Charles Hotel

I have been a huge fan of your super light Siberian goose down diagon comforter purchased some years ago! The comforter is still like new and I thoroughly enjoy the “lofty” light coziness it envelops me in at night. The quality of this product is simply unsurpassed! My needs have since expanded and I find myself purchasing a second such comforter – these are simply the best of the best comforters by far on the market and well worth the investment.

– Happy customer from New York

Just wanted to let you know that I used my travel pillow / blanket on my flight from NY to LA yesterday. It was freezing on the plane, so my down blanket was a life-saver! I love it so much, thank you! I would like to buy two more. I think they make great gifts.

– Happy pillow and comforter customer

I was recently privileged with an opportunity to give a newly diagnosed cancer patient your blanket and it was a great experience to see their smile, joy and appreciation of such a thoughtful and tangible act of care. Seeing their happiness was an amazing experience for me.  I send my gratitude to you for your generosity and providing such a wonderful product that gives comfort to one who is in discomfort.

– Volunteer Young Adults with Cancer Program

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